Hot Yoga on Nimitz

We have been helping people improve their lives for over 7 years on Oahu and we know you can benefit from this age old practice of yoga as well. A few things you’ll notice as you enter our studio, including…

  • You will feel Welcome in our NON-INTIMIDATING environment. We help lots of struggling people use MODIFICATIONS and PROPS to get the most out of class.
  • Hassle-Free and available PARKING is right outside the front door to make the experience as EASY as possible.
  • Relax instantly after class with COLD lavender towels.
  • Feel the Comfort of a Huge Yoga Room with lots of space to practice and easy to CLEAN, and on the knees, rubber flooring.
  • Heal, Massage & Release tight muscles and facia tension using one of our complimentary rollers located in the back of the room.
  • Breathe Deep knowing that our central air heating system distributes fresh air to the room and keeps everything circulating.
  • Take advantage of our FREE Kangen Water system and save the environment at the same time.
  • Be part of the Community and join us for work shops on the weekends, Buti yoga on Friday nights, and Zumba on Saturday nights!
  • Want to join, but can’t afford right now? Maybe you can qualify for our INTERNSHIP program.

Even if you have tried a Bikram Yoga class somewhere else, we urge you to try our studio. Our teachers are chill, they don’t yell, scream or make you feel bad about doing things incorrectly. We encourage students to think for themselves and develop their own personalized yoga practice.

Our diverse class schedule offers MORE! Tone your body with weights, Stretch with Bikram yoga and Move in ways you never imagined with Vinyasa (Power Flow). All this included with one membership, it’s your one stop shop for health and wellness!

Check out our Audio classes for consistent and clear explanation of the postures, step by step. Also, great for students who need to add, or modify their practice due to injury. We can show you tricks, tips and help you reach your goals.

Our memberships are easy and hassle free. You can cancel any time with a 30 day notice. Just email us any questions you have. We are a family run, small business and take care of our clients. You will probably see the owner Conrad or his mother Barbara in class everyday.

Try to attend workshops when they are available to deepen your understanding and get some one on one help with your practice.

We look forward to having you in class and teaching you more about how to use hot yoga to it’s fullest potential.
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